Saturday, December 22, 2007

you can't buy charm like mine

last night i once again tested the borders of my agoraphobia + went to a party thrown by dear friends barbara + shane.

everything was wonderful. food was great--especially those rolled-up lettuce+cheese sandwiches + tiny pigs-in-blankets. drinks were plentiful. the guests were attractive + articulate. the tree was everything a secularized version of a christianized druidic totem ought to be.

no go-go boys or wesson-oil twister, but i left relatively early.

i stayed over two + a half hours, yet the party was still hopping when i left.

stationing myself strategically close to the food, i even managed to introduce myself to a few new people. charming people who told me their names, which i instantly forgot. lubricated with a little dewars, i spoke with them on the merits of atheism, the necessity for a french government that would remain adamant in its hostility to the u.s.a., + the hopelessness of 2008's offering any relief for us right-thinking people. my new friends offered a word or two in reply + then suddenly noticed others in the room with whom they needed to speak.

if i could bottle my debonair, i could make a billion.

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