Monday, August 11, 2008

Double Standard

A David Rees strip in the Aug 21 issue of Rolling Stone magazine deftly points up the double standard between Democrat and Republican—a character mentions that McCain criticizes Europe for hating America and then criticizes Obama for being loved in Europe, while, truth be told, if McCain could get 200,000 Europeans to cheer for one of his speeches, the right-wing media would be cumming in their pants. makes a corresponding point about Bush’s recent appearance at the Beijing Olympics, distractedly slapping his knee with a small American flag, noting that had Obama done the same thing … well, Fox News no doubt would be shouting for an apology, if not incarceration.

Republicans can do things the Democrats can’t (like kowtow to communist China the way Nixon and Bush have done, or slash benefits to military personnel as Reagan and both Bushes have done)—while even Democrats’ most remarkable accomplishments (Obama cheered in Europe, Kerry acting bravely and selflessly in Vietnam, Gore winning the Nobel Prize) get pissed on and derided.

Republicans like McCain, Dole, Giuliani, and Gingrich can complain about the collapse of marriage and family values till they are red in the face—and nobody dares to mention that they dumped their first wives—in a wheelchair, on her deathbed, in a string of affairs ending in a new divorce each time—and in McCain’s case remarried the very next month—while Hillary Clinton is suspect if she sticks by her husband after Monica-gate.

Four years ago I said that had Bush done the Howard Dean yell, Republicans would have patented it and sold it. I was right.

Republicans shit all over America and call it patriotism—and hardly anyone ever calls their bluff.

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