Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Play Nurse, Part 2

Last night I slept on the floor with my ailing dog. With his muscle relaxant and painkiller, Ripley managed a full night’s rest and woke up a little hung over.

He was so out of it that I did not put him in his crate when I left for my classes, certain that he would not be overly active while I was gone. He seemed pretty settled on the blanket and quilt we had used as bedding overnight.

When I got home after work, he greeted me with cheerful energy, even though he was a bit wobbly on his feet and at about one-fourth his usual ardor. And still his right paw is bent at the wrist, as if partly paralyzed. At least, he was in no pain, and he seemed to have more flexibility in the neck, where the vet believes the disc problem is.

I took him outside, and when we returned, he ate some food and I gave him one half of a methocarbamol. I called Maria over at Park Vet and told her the good news. She said it was good news, but right now it was the pills making him feel better, so he would be tempted to over-exert himself. So I sat with him on the floor and watched TV while heating frozen chicken enchiladas in the oven.

When I noticed he was shivering again, I figured he was either hurting again or cold and put the quilt over him. He stopped shivering after a few minutes and settled back into inactivity, which (we are hoping) has healing powers. Sleeping, he lies on the crumpled blanket, neck stretched out like a baby bird receiving worms.


  1. Oh Joe, I've been where you are and I'm sending you and Ripley warm thoughts and well wishes. Hope Ripley is right as rain and soon.

  2. Thank you, Barrie. Your warm thoughts mean a lot right now.



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