Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sinead's Hand

Ireland's MarriagEquality ad with Hugh O'Conor is so much smarter and more poignant than any its US counterparts have put out there. The HRC and No on Prop 8 people ought to hire its advertising and PR firm to come up with something better than the snarky celeb-filled viral campaigns they've been coming up with.

The real issue, of course, is why any two sound-minded and capable adults should have to rely on anyone else's permission to marry and start a family.

Sure, there was a time when marriage was a matter of community, back when banns were routinely published and friends and family were invited to stand up and state why two people should not join together or to forever hold their peace, back long long ago when there were still such things as real social community and a concept of the common good. But even back then the state had no hand at all in the process.

Surely by now at least some of the thick-headed homophobes have figured out that letting the state tell people whom they may and may not marry sounds exactly like the "socialism" they so routinely malign and demonize in other contexts. If it's so fucking important for conservatives to have "choice" in the matter of dermatologists, why is it not likewise important in the matter of mates?

I would think a reasonably good way to save money in these hard economic times would be to shut down all government marriage-licensing offices and let people decide the matter of life partners for themselves.


  1. Joe, I'm totally posting this on my Facebook page with you're excellent comments (and I'll credit you).



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