Sunday, August 12, 2012

The only part of Christianity I have retained is the part the church dumped centuries ago: the teachings of Jesus, specifically the Sermon on the Mount. Impractical in the real world, incompatible with capitalism or any other model of personal success. Still, despite a lack of belief in a personal god, much less a miraculous savior, I put my faith not so much in fate--though perhaps there is some overlap with such a belief--but in the Galilean idea that nature and the flux of circumstances will look after me, until, of course, the day they cease to, and that no amount of worry, prudence, ambition, hope, guilt, enthusiasm, or fear extending past the present day will ever do me much good or harm. The best I can do is look inward for whatever kingdom exists inside myself. To let my instincts, senses, and reason direct my life moment by moment and rest assured that the universe will not let me live a moment too long or too short.

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