Wednesday, October 24, 2007

cirque eloize

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went to see cirque eloize this evening at memorial auditorium in chapel hill. the company, founded about 15 years ago, hails from canada.

like cirque du soleil, which clearly inspired it, this circus mainly won me over with its hunky acrobats + jugglers. eloize tones down soleil's sexualized romance a bit + tends to overdo the simpering european clowning.

two guys balancing on each other's shoulders (arms folded across their chests, no hands for support) + a guy spinning carefree in a large hoop were about the only stunts new to me

the artists also sang + played instruments ... to original songs that suggest european gypsy music, none of it memorable, evocative of drunken carousing more than anything else. the clowning wasn't all bad + it didn't last long even when it was lame.

i enjoyed the show more than this posting suggests, but little about the production was transcendant--it reminded me of a student production, whose participants have admirable talents to show off but little vision or strategy to amaze or create wonder.

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