Tuesday, October 30, 2007

no pitt for obama

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according to the huffington post, barack obama's people have rejected offers by brad pitt's people for the actor to assist in the would-be democratic nominee's campaign.

why? i wonder.

not homophobic enough?

after all, brad + angelina went on record that they have no intent to marry until american gays + lesbians can marry.

that's a far cry for obama's s.c. 'gospel' tour, which always closed, from what i heard, with singer/preacher donnie mcclurkin's thanking jesus for delivering him from homosexuality (i suspect we all have something to be thankful about on this point).

(kathy griffin not thanking jesus for her emmy was called 'hate speech' some time back, + soft-minded liberals concurred that perhaps the comic had gone 'too far.' in response to objections to obama's use of mcclurkin to court religious homophobes, gay + black supporters of obama tsk-tsked the critics for being 'divisive.')

+ even though i agree with obama that civil rights for gays are more important than marriage, i can't help but believe the senator is equivocating, since the marriage initiative would not compel churches to marry anyone they don't want to--it would simply bar the government from affirming + perpetuating religious intolerance.

a year ago obama practically had my vote in his pocket (provided dennis kucinich didn't get it first). his recent shilly-shallying, though, makes him look less + less like the candidate for me.

why doesn't brad run instead?

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