Thursday, March 19, 2009

Durham Wood

According to the April issue of Men's Health magazine, the one with Taylor Kitsch on the cover, Durham, North Carolina, where I live, is 6th among American cities least in need of Viagra. Durham makes a letter grade of A on the list. We're trailing Boston, Hartford, Washington, Atlanta, and Burlington, Vermont, but beat out San Francisco and New York City.

Nearby Raleigh, NC, earns a C+ at number 37, Charlotte too has a C+ (at number 32), and Greensboro is just plain sad with a D+ at number 66.

The list is based on CDC statistics on U.S. cities with high risk factors for erectile dysfunction (cigarette smoking, obesity, and diabetes) and good firm numbers on exercise and available medical help. I feel confident that I have done my part to help my chosen hometown's high ranking, but apparently personal testimonials were not part of the survey.

For the record, the limpest dick cities are Omaha, Nebraska; Modesto and Bakersfield, California; Anchorage, Alaska; Oklahoma City; Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas; Charleston, West Virginia; Lubbock, Texas; and, with the softest serves of all, Tulsa, Oklahoma, home of Oral Roberts University, where you'd think healing hands would be easy to find.

Can't speak for the other cities, but my friend Shane says we Durham dudes will be shooting for the number one spot next year.

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