Sunday, October 11, 2009

To Do List

1.              Get out of Iraq
2.              Get out of Afghanistan
3.              Give detainees (re: anti-terrorism) legal representation and fair trials
4.              Close the School of the Americas
5.              Eliminate the death penalty
6.              Reclaim public patents and copyrights on technologies (microwave, computers, plastics, satellite) created and developed through public funding
7.              Reinstate the Eisenhower 91% tax rate for the top 5% of income earners
8.              Strictly regulate lobbyists and campaign contributions
9.              Strictly regulate defense and covert intelligence spending
10.           Create free clinics and a public alternative to for-profit health insurance
11.           Reform and reinvigorate workers’ unions and collective bargaining
12.           Provide academic education and/or vocational training free of charge
13.           Eliminate private contracting and outsourcing in the military
14.           Create jobs relating to public works (schools, highways, health, parks)
15.           Eliminate all government recognition of and restrictions on marriage
16.           Reduce the prison population by releasing all inmates not regarded as threats to public safety
17.           Reinforce the separation of church and state
18.           Provide grant money for newspapers and eliminate the profit motive in news media
19.           Reinstate the fairness doctrine in news media
20.           Remove abstinence-only education from public schools
21.           Remove the teaching of creationism and intelligent design from public schools
22.           Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
23.           Legalize marijuana for recreational use
24.           Legalize consensual (adult) prostitution
25.           Require talk shows to either allow call-ins or have guests who can reasonably debate the issues

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