Monday, November 5, 2007

old guy vs. youth: a mini-tirade

i would say that at least 3 out of every 4 students i see on a daily basis, 18-22 years old, won't extend a hand to hold open the door they're passing through. half the students who do poorly in my classes decline my attempts to help them improve, preferring, i suspect, to see if perhaps the standards will come down to the level they have already reached. some never hand in work for evaluation--racking up a row of zeros--where do they think grades come from? these kids are not rebellious. just the opposite. they are anxious about letting go of mommy's apron strings. they seem only dimly aware that years of teachers' + parents' building their self-esteem has only given them an unproved, untested self-esteem. they are easily offended; their feelings easily hurt. what resources do they have for survival ... apart from camouflage (strength gained by appearing unexceptional, unthreatening, a part of the majority)? many of them look like they are sitting in the dark ... waiting. but for the life of me i can't imagine for what?

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