Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One Trick Phony

Oh, Christ.

McCain wants to postpone Friday’s debate for a timeout to deal with the economic crisis. So, not only can he not face up to Larry King after CNN’s Campbell Brown dared to press a McCain spokesman for answers a few weeks ago, now he wants to dodge Obama, as well. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is out of public view, locked up tighter than a virgin princess in the Middle Ages, and the McCain campaign has suddenly decided its mission is to run against The New York Times.

Did McCain just get hold of Robert Mugabe’s playbook or something?

Is Obama the only candidate seriously running for President?

Or is McCain thinking that, between rightwing Diebold supplying voting machines in most states and the Republican Supreme Court waiting to call yet another election, he doesn’t owe America's voters a thing?

Not even the appearance of democratic debate?

Has McCain just never heard of multitasking? Is he climbing to the Presidency one ginger step at a time, with long breaks at every other step to catch his breath?

Republicans used to laugh at Democrats for not being “men of action.” Well, well. Now their candidate seems to have one trick and one trick only—stalling. Whether it’s a hurricane or the brink of a new Depression, McCain’s one-size-fits-all response is to delay.

Big T sign with fingers pointing upwards to the palm of the other hand.

I don’t think this is the way to stare down the terrorists, John.

And, funny thing, I don’t get the sense that he wants the time to consult with the best minds about how to save America. The sense I get is he needs the extra time to squeeze his head back out of his ass.

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