Tuesday, August 21, 2007

hottest champions of the wccw

kevin von erich v. matt borne

rick rude v. chris adams

steve simpson v. john tatum

pro wrestling's golden age was in the early to mid-1980s, when between the era of sweaty fat slobs + the era of depilated steroidal clowns, a few american wrestlers with lithe sexy bodies entered the squared circle to become nationally televised champions.

though u.s. wrestling never reached the level of homoerotic allure of european or japanese wrestling, in their youths kevin von erich (1957- ; 1984 tv champion), rick rude (1958-99; 1986 tv champion), + especially steve simpson (1963- ; 1986 tv champion) were the greek gods of the irish whip + hammerlock.

the out-of-ring drama was not yet set at a hysterical pitch, so we got more action, less dialogue + character development. the show was still innocent enough that these guys did not shy away from sexy-looking headlocks, scissors, sleeperholds, + prolonged skin-on-skin clinches.

back then, tv wrestling might have been good clean fun for the family, but for me it was hot sticky heaven. today's crew, for all the pyrotechnics + tight latex, are only as exciting as macy's parade balloons bumping against each other.

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