Saturday, August 18, 2007

taxi driver

just bought the new restored taxi driver on dvd. it looks great.

do we know for sure that scorsese is not gay ... or bi? i realize that this is slim basis for questioning his sexuality, but in the featurette for taxi driver, he talks about how fassbinder films + a bigger splash influenced his film style--+ elsewhere he's a big advocate for kenneth anger's films and, less startlingly, powell/pressberger's.

add to that, the lurking sense of homoeroticism in a lot of movies like mean streets, raging bull, the king of comedy, + the departed (almost always, however, offset by fear/homophobia), and his statements, always vague, again in the featurette, about feeling a kinship with outsiders.

if he's not gay, he's certainly acknowledged more gay influences than any straight director i know of--and specifically films that deal directly with homosexuality. of course acknowledging influences doesn't prove anything about an artist, or else quentin tarantino would be chinese.

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