Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christians Can't Even Get Arrested in This Coliseum

A group of anti-gay conservative Christian ministers gathered in Washington, DC, yesterday with the express intention of being  either  persecuted by piety-intolerant gays and lesbians or arrested for violating a new "hate crimes" law.

Try as they might, the wannabe persecutees failed to attract the cops' attention, apparently discovering it's more difficult to stir up hate and violence towards gays in the open air in broad daylight than from the greenhouse comforts of their own pulpits and radio talk shows, where just a bible verse or two is enough to send faithful bullies into mouth-foaming frenzies and out into the dark streets to hector and bash.

They pulled out the big guns.  Homosexuality is an "abomination" before God!  You could have heard a pin drop.  Homosexuality causes AIDS!  Crickets chirping.  Is this mike working?

As for the twenty or so vicious Christ-hating gays who chose to show up to counter-demonstrate at the haters' rally, the ministers faced only rainbow flags and signs reading "I Am a Love Warrior."  The first century Roman martyrs should have had it so nice.  You would have thought some pervert would have thought ahead and brought a hungry lion.  But no dice.

Adding insult to injury, the ministers' sound man donated his paycheck to the gays, more concerned about bad karma than the hellfire and brimstone the bible-thumpers were hawking.

See the full pathetic story here.

On another front, the anti-gay American Family Association has, over the years, boycotted corporations like Ford Motors, Disney, and most recently The Gap for the gay friendliness of their ad campaigns, yet according to a recent report, AFA boycotts tend actually to increase their targets' profitability.  Ouch!

Righteous indignation appears equally ineffective at helping one suffer for Christ and showing the wicked the error of their ways.

A bit more effective, apparently, are old-time bigotry and violence, based on news of the nineteen-year-old gay boy who was murdered and decapitated in Puerto Rico last week (with the alleged perpetrator trying out the old "gay panic" self-defense plea) or the report on the tenth-grade teacher in Georgia who put out a hit on a student he perceived to be gay.

Looks like the gays are getting all the "blessings" for being persecuted for righteousness' sake (Matt. 5:10-12).  Christians are getting bupkis.

Three or four years ago my uncle, a retired Southern Baptist minister, said to me, "Years ago I sincerely felt we Christians were being persecuted, but it turns out we were the ones doing the persecuting."

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