Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday's Child Has Far to Go

Proud of my pagan Germanic ancestry, I do whatever I can to put Thor, god of thunder, back into Thursday.

Of course, I am shocked and appalled at the way Americans today pretty much treat the day as if it were just any other day.  The Quakers even refer to the day as "Fifth Day" in an attempt to rob the day of its religious significance.  But at least it hasn't been commercialized like Friday.

Every seven days, I try to think about the true meaning of Thursday.

Basically, though, today was not a good day for it.  We had drizzly rain for much of the day, not much thunder at all.  None, now that I think about it.

I thought about going to work today in a cart pulled by two goats, with a short-handled hammer slung over my shoulder.  But I decided that Thor would be all right with my taking my father's old Chevy instead.  It has windshield wipers.

Saint Eligius (588-660), patron saint of blacksmiths, chastised his parishioners in Flanders for continuing naively to celebrate Thursday as a holy day.  In the year 723 the Christians tore down one of the most sacred sites of pagan Germans, Thor's mighty oak tree near the village of Geismar.  This is pretty much as bad as Target putting up signs that say "Seasons Greetings."

It makes me mad and also a little bit sad to think of how little thought people give to Thursday these days.  It's shocking how many people will say outright that they do not believe in Thor.  It's almost as if people have declared war on Thursday.

Tomorrow, though, is Freyja's day.  Freyja is the Norse goddess of beauty and love, comparable to the Greek goddess Aphrodite and the Roman goddess Venus.  Friday, though, gets a bit more respect.  People say, "Thank God it's Friday" and seem to mean it deep in their hearts.

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