Wednesday, November 25, 2009

That Christian Side Hug

Could "Gimme That Christian Side Hug" sound the death knell for frottage as we know it?  Keep yourselves pure, kids, and don't hug from the front.  Catchy.  Another sign that some evangelical Christians would like to take us all back to the Dark Ages.

via TFHVideos


  1. I always learn the most interesting words while reading your blog. Now, to implement *frottage* in everyday conversation...

  2. It's a good word, Mark. A damn fine word.

  3. I agree completely. The content of the video post put me in a satirical mood.

  4. Well, I was speaking semi-tongue-in-cheek too, though, yeah, hell yeah, "frottage" is a word to live by ... from time to time, anyway.

    What's amazing to me is the "ruff ridin'" rappers (!?!--do they, like the Teabaggers, have no ear at all for connotations?) appear to think ANY hug is a gateway to wild steamy fornicating. If only! Then there'd be a lot of happy grandmas and great aunts out in the world.



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