Thursday, November 19, 2009

Homos for Palin

Former Alaska governor and former Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is out hawking her book and stuff.  Apparently she's attracting the same sort of yahoos that made her 2008 campaign such a festival of civility and clear reason, but that's because she's such a "rogue," I guess.  Yeah, right, I look at that Plasticine face and think "rogue" every time.

One guy at a recent appearance praised her for being the sort of politician who can put the "homos back in the closet." Besides the blatant hatefulness of the remark, I'm struck by a mindset that thinks that what America needs right now is MORE hypocrisy.  Hell, maybe even I can bring myself to lock away my muscle mags, enroll in a six-week ex-gay spa getaway, and take a wife, who can then dose herself on alcohol and antidepressants to cope with a loveless marriage and a husband who urges her to wear thicker shoulder pads.

I'm puzzled by the same mentality that a few years ago called for teachers (even atheists like me, I guess) to lead students in prayer at the beginning of every class.  And this is something the religious right would want, why?

Then, as if on cue, a young man showed up at the book-signing in a T-shirt that reads "Homos for Palin," and mall security turned the guy away.  The woman's not even in elective office, and she's already got one poor soul clutching his knees together under a stack of cashmere sweaters and a black pinstripe Dolce e Gabbana martini suit.

One person who might take some solace in this development is Utah State Senator Chris Buttars, who recently declared a heretofore unseen tolerance towards gays when he said he doesn't mind gays; he just doesn't "want 'em stuffing it down my throat all the time."

Senator, sweetheart, you won't see mine within a mile of your throat.

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