Sunday, September 16, 2007

sunday's word: decadence

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de ka dens

moral perversion associated with luxury, lack of discipline or will, exaggerated prosperity in a society with exaggerated class divisions

sensibility of the 1890s ‘decadent movement’ among artists like charles baudelaire, aubrey beardsley, remy de gourmont, j.-k. huysmans, comte de lautréamont, gustave moreau, edvard munch, arthur rimbaud, odilon redon, paul verlaine, + oscar wilde—characterized by deliberate efforts to shock + offend bourgeois sensibilities, depict an amoral universe, seek beauty for its own sake, + eroticize ugliness, crime, + illness

arthur symons—“a beautiful + interesting disease”

absinthe, catholicism, cosmetics, femmes fatales, green carnations, hashish, homosexuality, incest, murder, opium, orchids, sadomasochism, tuberculosis, vampirism

“all that is beautiful + noble is the result of reason + calculation. crime, the taste for which the human animal draws from the womb of his mother, is natural in its origins. virtue, on the contrary, is artificial + supernatural, since gods + prophets were necessary in every epoch + every nation to teach virtue … the good is always the product of some art.”
--charles baudelaire

synonyms: aestheticism, artificiality, excess, fin de siècle, morbidity, perversity

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