Tuesday, September 18, 2007

tuesday's word: friends

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uss wisconsin, hawaii, 1945


people you know, like, + trust

people allied because of common interests, needs, values, + purpose

people who support you in an endeavor

members of the society of friends, quakers

t.v. sitcom, 1994-2004

old english, ‘freond’

essential characteristics of friendship:

--interest in the other’s welfare + success

--understanding of the other’s feelings + other personal qualities

--forthright, honest communication

--common ground (common values, common tastes, common goals, + so on)

"standing at the end of the road, boys,
waiting for my new friends to come.
i don't care if i'm hungry or poor,
i'm gonna get me some of them."
--"friends," buzzy linhart + mark klingman, perf. bette midler

synonyms: aces, acquaintances, amigos, backups, bests, boys, bros, buddies, buds, chums, close associates, cobbers, colegas, companions, comrades, coves, cronies, dawgs, diggers, dudes, fuck buddies, homeboys, homies, mates, niggaz, pals, peeps, posse, sisters, t├Čos, wingmen

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