Thursday, September 20, 2007

thursday's word: handsome

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josh wald (1979- ), model + pro-skateboarder

han sum

attractive, in a mature or dignified fashion, often but not always sexual in connotation, but linked with everyday behavior: graciousness, poise, + virility (‘handsome is as handsome does’).

pleasantly aloof, quiet yet confident, sophisticated + witty in a relaxed, masculine fashion, attention-getting without showiness, tough but tender

not ‘cute’

old english—‘hand’ + ‘som’ [i.e. characterized by the qualities of the hand—as in size, perhaps the 4-inch ‘hand’ used in measuring height, esp. of horses, or in dexterity + utility, as in ‘handy’ or ‘handed’]

tall, dark, + handsome—‘07 nominees—eric bana (6’3”), matthew fox (6’2”), hugh jackman (6’3”), wentworth miller (6’1”), keanu reeves (6’1”), josh wald (6’1.5”), denzel washington (6’0.5”)

lifetime achievers—gary cooper (6’3”), cary grant (6’1”), rock hudson (6’4”)

synonyms: apollonian, debonair, easy on the eyes, elegant, fetching, guapo, hairy chested, handy, heroic, knight in shining armor, latin lover, manly, marlborough man, prince charming, pulchritudinous, rugged good looks, strapping, tarzan, virile, woof!

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