Saturday, January 26, 2008

More Pondering on My Total Lack of Political Integrity

I was a Kucinich man until he stopped campaigning; now I am an Obama man--even though Edwards is closer to me on the issues (especially on the plight of America's working classes).

But I may not be an Obama man by the end of this blog.

Clinton seems the most presidential of the lot--a quality that works at least as much to her disadvantage in my mind as to her advantage. She seems the perfect CEO, but I don't think America needs a CEO right now.

America doesn't need an imperial presidency either, so maybe it's also time to break the Bush-Clinton-Bush daisy-chain and give another family a shot as world leader.

What America needs is an angry prophet--and either Obama or Edwards would do here--as Obama has enough of the requisite self-righteousness (if not, no doubt Oprah would lend him some of hers) and Edwards has the rage (despite always looking vaguely like an amiable Eagle Scout).

But we need an angry prophet who won't seize power and turn into an evil dictator, which prophets are prone to do once given sufficient muscle.

Also, what we need is an agnostic angry prophet, if such a thing exists, and not a prophet who wraps himself in Jesusy sunshine to gain public office.

Obama's embrace of ex-gay black ministers is no more troubling to me than his active cheerleading for any religion.

What became of JFK's promise not to mix creed with civic responsibility, and have any of the candidates, Democrat or Republican, made a direct promise to keep their dogma and magical thinking out of their public policy? I don't know. Have they?

So, further, I don't trust that Obama is even as much of a friend to the GLBT community as Clinton or Edwards, neither of whom is more than lukewarm on equality.

But, then, here I go claiming the GLBT community as my own! though arguably I do not feel and never have felt entirely a part of that community--in spite of shared interests in cock (with the Gs and sometimes the Bs, at least)--nor am I convinced that such a community exists at all, at least as a nationwide political entity.

I say I am an Obama man because I like that he seems the most disconnected from the DNC machine, though arguably it is Edwards who spurns the big money that corporations and lobbyists are ready and willing to pour into his campaign ... in return for ...?

Don't even get me started on the DNC!

By and large the Democratic National Committee has been more than willing to talk tough on the war in Iraq to get votes, but gaining power in 2006, it merely fell into step with the Bush White House.

And for all the ballyhoo over first woman this and first black that, it has shown a marked indifference to the candidacy of Jim Neal in NC, who could provide Carolinians a clear alternative to Elizabeth Dole in the Senate ... but he's already been written off, apparently, because he's gay.

Maybe what America needs is neither a CEO nor a prophet, angry or otherwise. Maybe America is not analogous to a corporation or a church (though arguably the two are often analogous to each other).

Maybe America does not even need a President.

Maybe what America needs is a makeover.

Perhaps we can throw out Obama as the middle man, and elect Oprah as America's "Best Friend."

A Pontiac G-6 sedan, UGG boots, and Josh Groban cd's for every citizen!

America needs a diet plan and the moxie to pull itself out of debt.

We need Oprah to put the Bush White House in the hot seat, just as she did author James Frey, and we need to hear her say, "That's a lie. It's not an idea, Karl. That's a lie."

America has got a struggle ahead in the 21st century, and from time to time it will need a shoulder to cry on.

Oprah's got TWO of them!

We need to read more books.

We need to get things off our chests, just this once.

We need to recognize our codependency with fascistic Middle-Eastern states for what it really is.

Forget press conferences and State of the Union addresses, we need a leader with her own fucking magazine!


  1. Hardly "written off" - have you seen the most recent polls? Hagan and Neal are neck-and-neck. Also, I attended this weekend's NC Democratic Executive Committee meeting in Hamlet, and Jim's campaign presence and support among Democratic activists there was rather intense. I got a chance to met him and he came across as a genuine person with some great ideas for this state - his speech was inspiring too. Hagan managed to show up 20 minutes before her speech then left right after...

  2. Hey, good news, really encouraging news, but I was referring to DNC's underwhelming initial response to his announcement last fall ... a two-week delay before Neal was even listed on the DNC official Website and what appeared to be a desperate search for somebody (anybody?) else to run against Dole, which maybe motivated its recruitment of Hagan.

    I'm up for Neal already. And I have no doubt that NC voters are ready for his message!

    Thanks for the post.



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