Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Definitions (2)

CIVIL RIGHT, n., [si-vull rah-it]--human right sanctioned and mediated by a government

CONSCIENCE, n., [kon-shinss]--part of mental functioning once called the Devil, though often taken to be God, which acts as an inner accuser, usually disturbing the calm of its bearer for failing to live up to expectations and norms

EXISTENCE, n., [ex-is-tunss]--combination of viability and integrity

GOVERNMENT, n., [guh-vurr-munt]--entity to which individual persons relinquish all power, including power over themselves, except to the extent that such power is rebated as civil rights

HUMAN RIGHT, n., [hyoo-mun rah-it]--power to determine and follow the course of one's existence, because one is a living human being

GUILT, n., [gilt]--sense of indebtedness to an abstract ideal, usually combined with a failure to take responsibility for past thoughts and actions

INTEGRITY, n., [in-teh-grih-tee]--whole and distinct, not divided

NATURAL RIGHT, n., [nah-chur-ull rah-it]--power to follow the course of one's existence, because one already exists

POWER, n., [pow-urr]--unharnessed ability

RESPONSIBLITY, n. [ruh-sponss-ih-bih-lih-tee]--assumption of ownership, control, and care of either oneself or something else

TALENT, n., [tah-lunt]--instinctive ability or capacity

VIABILITY, n., [vah-ih-uh-bih-luh-tee]--capable of life and growth, independently

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