Monday, January 21, 2008

¡Te voy a follar duro, chico!

ramon rodriguez

Anyone else catch Ramon Rodriguez open-shirted on the beach on last night's episode of The Wire?

I had to bite my knuckles to keep from waking the neighbors!

As Renaldo, bum-boy accomplice of Omar Little (played by Michael K. Williams ... also smokin'), Rodriguez has appeared in bed with Williams nude (but covered, dimly lit, or silhouetted), but last night's episode ("Not for Attribution," 5.3) gave fans a good view of the upper bod that keeps Omar from shooting straight.

Both actors are straight-identified, but the couple is one reason (and not even the best one) all gay men should be watching The Wire every Sunday night.

Who knows where this cutting-edge crime show is heading in its fifth and final season? but I'm telling you I'm cheering for Omar and Renaldo to make it out alive ... and to make out a few more times for the camera, as well.

Omar Little is the most fascinating take on the "homosexual villain" ... perhaps ever. In fact, he's only a villain in the murderous, criminal sense of the word, because with his private code (to rob only gangsters and to kill only as a last measure ... and never to kill "citizens") he is a villain both to fear and cheer for.

Renaldo is the latest (and handsomest) of a string of cute, multiracial lovers Omar has had over the five seasons. And in last night's episode, in which we found the two idyllically hiding in the Caribbean, he had to tell his lover some bad news which is certain to bring Omar and Renaldo back to Baltimore into the thick of the action ... and into a trap!

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