Saturday, January 5, 2008

Phags 4 Phelps Dephense Phund

Josh Kilmer-Purcell ( in Out magazine, Feb. 2008:

"I'm not setting up the Phelps Dephense Phund because I pity Fred. I'm doing it because I respect him more than George Bush and other like-minded homophobes in sheep's clothing.

"Why? Because I would much rather have Fred Phelps be the public face of homophobia than 'tolerant' homophobes like Mitt Romney, who preaches 'respect for diversity' while recently insinuating that dead heterosexual parents would raise children better than live gay men and women.

"I would much rather have Fred spewing undiluted hatred on CNN than listen to all of the front-running Democratic presidential candidates tap-dancing around gay marriage like Larry Craig on a layover. ...

"Yes, I want Fred Phelps free to walk the streets verbally assaulting stick figures having anal sex because Fred Phelps, as crazy as he is, is an honest homophobe. ...

"Middle America finally gets to see what homophobia actually looks like when it's stripped of ... polite, compromising words ...."

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