Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Nothing Is Dispensable"

werner horvath nietzsche
Werner Horvath, Friedrich Nietzsche--The Three Metamorphoses of the Spirit, 1998

"This ultimate, most joyous, most wantonly extravagant Yes to life represents not only the highest insight but also the deepest, that which is most strictly confirmed and born out by truth and science.

"Nothing that is can be subtracted, nothing is dispensable—the aspects of existence rejected by the Christians and other nihilists are of an infinitely higher order in the order of rank of values than even that which the instinct of d├ęcadence could approve and call good.

"To comprehend this requires courage and, as a condition of that, an excess of strength: for precisely as far as courage may venture forward, precisely according to that measure of strength one approaches the truth.

"Knowledge, saying Yes to reality, is just as necessary for the strong as cowardice and the flight from reality—as the 'ideal' is for the weak, who are inspired by weakness ..."

--Friedrich Nietzsche, Ecce Homo, 1888

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